4 Fantastic Media Players for Windows 7 and 8

There are countless media players out there and they are only growing in numbers with everyday passing by. This further makes it very confusing when it comes to choosing the right one. This happens all the time.

Many people don’t even go beyond Windows Media Player as the software comes standard with most computers, but they think of a new media player when they get stuck with some video that doesn’t play with Windows Media Player.

Mentioned here are top 5 media players for Windows 7 in 2013.

Media Players for Windows 7 and 8

ArcSoftTotalMedia Theatre

  • ArcSoftTotalMedia Theatre – Windows 7 and 8 do not directly support Blu-ray playback, so you always require a good media player to enjoy those Blu-ray movies on your laptop. TotalMedia Theatre from ArcSoft offers everything that you’d need in a media player. The UI skin technology allows users to customize appearance of the interface, and it has superb Web connectivity, which allows you to share videos with social networking sites, and upload your favorite ones on Facebook and YouTube too. All these advanced features are actually missing on some of the popular Media players like PowerDVD, which are next in our list. TMT even allows you to change region code up to five times, which is yet another useful feature.
  • VLC Media Player: This is free so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it out. In fact, in last few years this was easily considered as the number one media player out there and even today it is certainly one of the best. It has served millions of users in last few years. Every new file format is supported by VLC and that has been its beauty. You have a video just throw at VLC player and it will play it for you. The player also allows its repair the broken files if you have any and everything just seems to be working great with this one. All you need to do is download and install. There is no headache of having to change region code everytime you switch countries or you never get any other of issues while installing or downloading. VLC Media Player Download
  • Media Player Classic Home Cinema: This is again free to download and is very similar to what the actual Media Player Classic used to be; the one we used to get in our older versions of Windows. This one certainly comes with truck load of features you can enjoy. Most of the media files can be easily played with this one. The ones who can’t be played don’t need anything more than just a minor codec pack. Another advantage is that it doesn’t even need an installation like other media players mentioned in this list. You can easily play video from an external hard drive or from one of the flash drives you have.
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD: Now this one is certainly not free but you can download a trial version to begin with and check if it is worth it or not. You will be surprised by the performance delivered by Cyberlink PowerDVD media player.


    One of the best things that this media player offers is to convert 2D videos into 3D videos. That being said, you would require a 3D PC monitor or a 3D TV to enjoy this feature. The player also offers the best possible theater effect with latest features. You can easily upgrade CD contents to HD contents and give more number of fixes to the videos. But, it does lack in a few departments and ArcSoftTotalMedia Theatre scores over it in those few areas.

So, give it a try to these fantastic media players, and let us know your favorite pick.

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