5 Awesome applications for Facebook Timeline

Now 50% users believe that Facebook timeline is good and remaining 50% users do not like it.Since it is must for everyone,then it is better not to oppose it.Today i will discuss about 5 awesome application which may warm your timeline.

1. Set up your favorite cover image:

Upper image of your profile is called cover image and it is very important for your profile.You can think  it as a billboard which will reflect your personality. You can use an image from your albums or upload a new picture from your pc. For setting cover image you can use this app called Cover Image.

2. TimeLine Movie Maker :
This application allows you to create your profile just like a movie.To use this application visit http://www.timelinemoviemaker.com/ and click ‘Make Your Movie’. You have to be logged in your facebook account.
This application will create a Flash movie using pictures,videos and other posts from your profile. Your facebook friends can watch the movie from the link http://www.timelinemoviemaker.com/.

3. Shopping via facebook:

To visit facebook shop click here .

4.   Pinterest:

 Pinterest is the rage right now and it’s easier than ever before to share your Pinterest boards when you use a Facebook Timeline app. It’s quick and easy to set up and people can follow you, your boards and your pins directly from Facebook.

5.   iFrameWrapper: 

Popularly used before the new Timeline for fan pages feature, iFrameWrapper will continue to work with the new layout. The only difference is that your new pages will only show under the tabs. This app allows you to add new pages to your FB Timeline with ease and without any technical coding knowledge. It’s a must-have when you want to go above and beyond with your Timeline.

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