Android Games : Best 5 of 2012

Android GamesAndroid games are best time-pass features for addictive gamers who use Android Smartphones.

No matter whether you are travelling in an airplane or train or simply bored from your office work and need some time to freshen up, Android games will definitely keep you entertained.

Android games are gaining tremendous popularity with each passing day and a new game is launched every other day, which leave users confused as to which one that should choose. To ease this confusion, lists of the top 5 android games of 2012 are listed below.


game This game does not even need an introduction.

In fact, it is the most popular game on android platform.

This game is available in free as well as paid version.The free version has 300 levels.

The game needs skill, force and logic to escalate throughlevels.

Gameplay is that you need to shoot wicked pigs with angry birds. The game is fun, entertaining and far more enjoyable.


gameNinja Run is another awesome android game with a fabulous gameplay. You need to overcome obstacles with the help of your ninja skills and move forward without dying in any accident.

As the name suggests, you have to play as ninja in the game and the distance you cover will be your total score of the game. Users have only two controls (Jump and Slide), and with the help of these controls you have to surpass all obstacles and respond fast to save your ninja from a painful death.


gameBlast monkey is an entertaining cum challenging game. You need to play as a hungry monkey in this game who needs to eat bananas to feed his hunger.

The game play is to gather all 3 bananas and land your monkey into the goal, which is shot out of cannon in a single go. The game is simple yet highly addictive.

The game in total has 90 levels and ye need to have a lot of logic, patience and good timing to finish up the levels.


Zombie DashZombie Dash is an exciting and super fun zombie killing game. The story of this game is that zombies have attacked your town and you need to save your town by killing these zombies.

The game is simple, enjoyable and the graphics are appreciable. The game play is to navigate through the obstacles and kill all the zombies.

This is the best game to take off your frustration on zombies is you had a tough day at work.


gameModern Combat 2 & 3 has amazing graphics and mind-blowing performance.

The game will give you a feel of modern war zone.

The performance and response is utterly shocking in fact it is too good to be a mobile game.

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