Top 5 New Apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

The ever changing apps market is constantly throwing out innovation after innovation and unarguably the ‘app’ has been one of the major developments in how we see and use phones in recent years. Here then, are some of the best apps currently available for your samsung galaxy s 3.

iPlayer Radio has been a development that many radio fans of BBC radio would see as long overdue. It can now be downloaded as an app; a big step in radio’s long journey through various modern mediums. We can now listen to shows on demand and pause and play radio as we please making it much more malleable form of media.

ESPN goals has become one of the most publicised and popular ways for football fans to keep in touch with their teams. Another example of technology bringing forward the way we keep in touch with our favourite sports; gone are the days of searching for scores on teletext or skipping from one radio channel to the next.

The Weird but True app from National Geographic Kids is a great way to engage kids’ minds in the popular sciences. It downloads 300 weird facts to your phone for kids to be amazed and amused by and could kickstart an interest in the natural world.

eBay is far more user friendly as an app because of your mobile phones camera capabilities. It means you can skip the arduous uploading process and makes the process of running a shop much more efficient.

The Tiny Piano app from squarepoet is one of those great modern ways for kids to learn music and more importantly, have constructive, imaginative fun on their mobile phones. You download a keyboard onto your phone and are then prompted with coloured cues to hit the keys as shown. A host of popular songs are available and you can learn scales or play the piano in ‘free play’ – your own compositions without the prompts.

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