How to Make Call International Telephone Numbers at Low Rates with Latest VoIP Apps?

In today’s world dominated by Internet and social media, it is common to have clients and friends across different parts of the world. Though people stay connected with each other over the net most of the time, sometimes, need may arise to discuss significant matters over the phone. But then, international calls are pretty expensive and your phone bill may increase drastically. However, advanced technologies haven’t just given us friends or clients abroad, but also provided us with ways to make phone communication cheaper. Read on to know how to make cheap international calls.

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Listed below are 4 cool ways to make international call at cheap prices.



Amongst the most popular services to make cheap international calls, EvaPhone is a top choice. Using this service, users can make calls to most of the countries around the globe. They just need a computer to begin making VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls to phone. Users will get a promo video before connecting to a call. EvaPhone offers free calls to a certain limit after which they can register by paying.

EvaPhone allows you to make free computer to phone calls without installing anything (in fact, users don’t even have to register initially to start using the service). They can just access the site, enter the number, and go ahead with the free call for the restricted amount of time. Once the call is connected, they’ll get to see a countdown timer, which begins ticking the time so that they can know the amount of time remaining for the call to get disconnected.


This is a software program that allows users to make international calls freely or at very low rates. These calls can be either from PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone. The calls can also be initiated from iPod Touch or iPad. It offers many interesting features like call forwarding, incoming numbers, customizable voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding, and much more.


This is a desktop application that lets to make regular phone calls to many popular international destinations for free, though it is limited only to some countries. To start making calls, log on to the website, download the application, and register for a free account. During the trial period, you get 60 minutes of free talk time for selected destinations. After the trial period, you’ll have to buy credit and register to extend the free calls.

Google Voice

Using Google Voice, free phone calls and free PC to phone calls (through Google Talk browser plugin) can be initiated from your Gmail inbox. The free phone calls are restricted to 3 hours, but the free calls can be continued for as long as you want to. However, the free calls through Google Voice are restricted to numbers in Canada or United States. The calls to other countries will be charged, though at very low rates. Google Voice can also be used for free SMS, avail free voice mail services, and make free conference call.


Make use of any of the above mentioned ways to cut down your phone bills on making international calls, which may otherwise turn out to be highly expensive, especially if you need to make such calls quite frequently. The regular calling rates for International numbers can be quite high, and making long distance calls may mean telephone bills of hundreds (or perhaps over a thousand) of dollars every month, which can be cut down with the help of such services.

So, stop wasting money on making International calls from your mobile/base phone, and start using Gtalk, Skype and other simple apps to get the job done without spending a penny!

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