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Android Phones in 2013

One need only to take a look at the list of Smartphones that will be on the market in 2013 to see one thing most of them have in common – they run on the new Android Operating System, Jelly Bean.  What is it about Android Jelly Bean that makes it the most desirable OS […]

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What is the Android Operating System?

The Android Operating System is an operating system driven by open source software. It is a Linux based operating system. Users can easily place their favourite icons anywhere they want through its icon driven screens. While it looks quite similar in appearance to Apple’s iOS, its operations are totally different. Android has challenged the supremacy […]

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How to Play Android games on Your PC

Android has been a dominating competitor in Smartphone market. Among many features of Android mainly various attracting apps and games attracted the people most. These apps and games turned Android phone into a great entertaining device. If you don’t have an Android smartphone or you want to test Android apps before installing on your device you […]

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