5 Common Annoyances in Windows 8 and How to Fix Them!

With every new operating system created comes new ways of putting them to work. The difficult part is re-learning those new ways of operating and leaving the old ones, which you have been so used to, behind. Windows 7 and Windows 8 are classic examples. Once you get started, you will find that there are more issues to deal with than you ever expected especially when you have been using Windows 7 for quite a while now. As a result, Most of the new Windows 8 users are facing many annoyances. So here are some common Windows 8 annoyances fixes.

Common Annoyances in Windows 8 and How to Fix Them

Five common annoyances in Windows 8 and how we can fix them.

1. Windows has no more Start menu.

What you have here is a bit too complicated Start screen. For you to put back the old Start menu that you have been so used to, you can do it with less trouble. The first things you will need to do is go to the Start button, right-click this and you will find Windows 8 Settings. When you login you have the options to leave out the Start screen and select other options that you wish to continue working on.

2. Windows 8 has a lock screen.

For a cellphone, a tablet or any other gadget for that matter, lock screens are quite necessary, but it can be a little work-delaying for Windows 8. To remove Windows 8 lock screen, you can start by right-clicking the Run command which you will find at the lower part of the left side of the Desktop screen. Search for Configuration – Administrative Templates – Control Panel. The option for Do Not Display the Lock Screen will be shown. Select Enabled button and click OK.

3. In Windows 8 there is no more Confirmation Box when you delete files.

In Windows 7 you are being asked if you are sure that you want to delete specific files. You avoid accidentally deleting important files because of that. In Windows 8 the deleted files are immediately sent to the Recycle Bin. But, if you would want that the Confirmation Box be shown on your screen again, the Recycle Bin is till the place you would want to go. Right-click on this item and you will find Properties. Choose and click the delete confirmation Dialog box.

4. Windows 8 does not have a DVD playback support.

This is real bad news for those who love watching those movies. In contrast to Windows 7, Windows 8 only allows you to watch DVDs in its Media Center. If you really wish to watch DVDs in your Windows 8 an option will be given to you to purchase a DVD support. But if you prefer not to waste your money, use VLC. Here DVDs can be watched for free and you only have to download and install it.

5. In Windows 8 the Desktop menu is not visible.

You can still enable the taskbar that shows you the desktop. To do this, go to the Taskbar and choose Properties. Search for the command Preview the Desktop and click. The button may not be visible at the top right of the screen but it is there. Use your mouse over that area to see the desktop.

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