Make Your Android phone Sexier with Custom Launchers

As we all know, Android OS is one of the most popular and open source OS for portable devices, a successful competitor to iOS. In Android Play Store a lots of apps are available just to make your device look more attractive. Custom launchers are the best way to personalize your device in your own way. Custom launchers fully changes your device interface, app drawer and icons as well as boosts up your device. Many launchers are available in Android Play Store for free. Here are some commonly used and popular custom launchers.

Custom Launchers for Android OS

1. Go Launcher EX

Go launcher EXGo Launcher EX is one of the most popular custom launchers. Its an extra version of previously launched launcher Go Launcher. It can be customized greatly. It has no home screen limitation. You can apply by your need. Supports many widgets.

Home screen and app drawer transition effects are very smooth and great effects are available. When you will go through the play Store, you will see that a lots of themes are available for Go Launcher EX rather than any other launchers.

One of the cons of Go Launcher EX is it eats a bit large memory than any other launchers. But new devices have a large amount of memory, so it wouldn’t be a matter.

Go Launcher Dev team also provides a free locker app named Go Locker for android devices and it works pretty good with Go Launcher EX. Download Go Launcher EX from Play Store.

2. LauncherPro

LaunchersAnother most common and fast custom launcher is LauncherPro. As the main launcher of devices are not attractive and don’t provide user’s demand, this custom launcher can be of great use. Its very fast and good looking.

This launcher doesn’t offer many transition effects but its not bad though. Home screen has a limitation to 7 screens, which are enough for regular use. It has con that most of it’s widgets are available in plus version which you will have to buy for 2.99$.

The app drawer has only vertical scrolling mode. Theme issues are not so good for this launcher. It eats only a little of your memory, so you don’t have to worry about your device memory when downloading it.

If you want performance more than aggressive look and colorful themes, this custom launcher is for you. Download LauncherPro from Play Store.

3.  ADW.Launcher

LaunchersIf you want a colorful look of your device with a lots of plugins, we recommend you the ADW.Launcher. Its a custom launcher which is greatly customize-able with a lots of themes available in Play Store.

Though availability of great customization makes this launcher slower than other launcher. It has Drag&Drop option for launching apps or opening folders.

One other con is non scroll-able dock and only 5 dock shortcuts. App drawer can be customize-able with an iPhone look or Galaxy.

A lot of things are changed in ADW.Launcher EX which makes it one good custom launcher.Download ADW.Launcher from Play Store.

4. Holo Launcher

LaunchersHolo launcher looks a lot like Stock Android ICS  launcher. If your device doesn’t support ICS version but you want it, then this custom launcher might help you to meet your taste.  It can be run on Froyo, Gingerbread as well as ICS and Jelly Bean too.

It has a limitation of 9 home screens. Desktop grid size is customize-able. The dock has a space of 7 shortcuts and up to 3 pages. Home screen, dock and app drawer has continuous scrolling. Gesture option is available for performing some actions.

Holo launcher has nothing special than other custom launchers but because of it’s Holo layout, customization and smoothness, it’s highly recommended. Download Holo Launcher from Play Store.

5. Nemus Launcher

LaunchersPersonally, i like Nemus Launcher as a custom launcher. It doesn’t give you a very aggressive look but it has a smart and simple interface. It has every useful functions you need. It doesn’t bother you with a lots of functions which you hardly use.

This custom launcher allows you 9 home screens and  desktop grid customization. System status bar can be hidden by gesture. It has widget re-sizing mode and highlighting option for recently used apps. Apps can be hidden and locked. Bottom docks, Quick setting docks and widgets are scroll-able.

The advantage of this launcher that it covers very small amount of your storage. About Nemus Launcher, 3 words can be said : Smart, Fast and Simple. Download Nemus launcher from Play Store.

6. Launcher 7

LaunchersIf you like Windows 7 appearance but you don’t have a windows phone right now, than this custom launcher will help you to have a windows 7 interface in your device. It includes Windows Phone 7 background and animations. The launcher has a good look but it has less customization settings compared to other launchers.

It offers different types of tiles for phone, contacts, messages, mail, web, market, music, video etc. It has a animated picture tile which displays your pictures as slide show. It also has a sided widget interface where you can manage your widgets which are not applicable in desktop. The app drawer list formatted like the windows phone. It also has a status bar of it’s own which can be used by hiding the system bar.

Launcher 7 is not a custom launcher which you can customize highly but it offers some cool options that other launchers don’t have. But it is one custom launcher that can make your taste change. Download Launcher 7 from Play Store.

7. Zeam Launcher

LaunchersZeam Launcher is not the most configurable and fast custom launcher but it might give your device a changed look than your stock launcher. It is one of the lightest custom launchers because by size, it’s very cheap. It was built to give your device a fast and simple look. Those who has taste like this, might take this launcher as a considerable one.

It has simple transition effects and animations. This launcher has a limitation of 7 home screens and 6 app shortcut for dock. Allows to change app grid size and transparency. This custom launcher enables you to navigate freely thorough screens and also speeds up your device at least a bit. It doesn’t have 3D app drawer but it has other basic features that a custom launcher should have.

If you don’t care about themes and animations but want to speed up your device and want enjoy with simplicity, than you should try this launcher. Download Zeam Launcher from Play Store.

These are the best custom launchers available for your Android device as far as I consider. If you are fond of modding and customization or likes to change things, then you should try all this custom launchers at least for once. Guaranteed, you will not be disappointed. :D Do let me know if you know any other useful launchers, I will add them here.

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