Decorate your XP/Windows 7 just like Windows 8

Everyone is waiting for Windows 8 and many people are trying to decorate their XP or Windows 7 just like Windows 8. Now i will show you how to decorate your desktop just like Windows 8. You will need only 2 softwares.

1. Rainmeter 2.1 or higher
2. Omnimo 4.1

Step 1 :
First download these 2 files. Now open “Rainmeter”. You will see an window just like below. Select Your language.

Then click next like this picture.

Now select whether your PC is 32bit or 64bit and click on Next.

Click Install and “Rainmeter” will be installed.

Step 2:
Extract the file “Omnimo 4.1”. You will see a file named SETUP (new users).rmskin . Open the file.
You will see a tab like this image. DOn’t change anything and click Install.

This is actually a skin pack for “Rainmeter”. After installation you will see this screen. Click on Desktop Icon. This will hide all the desktop icons.

Now click the arrow sign on the right side.

Then you will have to select a language.
After selecting language you, will see this screen where you can chose from three different themes.

Choose your theme and screen resolution.
That’s it. Now you have a Windows 8 desktop. Another thing, you can customize and add more addons from panel

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