How To Design Attractive QR Codes For Your Business Card

220px-Qr-4.svgQR codes are useful all round, but they are especially useful when you include them on your business cards. They provide a handy way to take your contacts directly to your website or landing page. Your contacts can also use QR codes to scan and save your information. The scan and save method is a lot more efficient than manual inputs.

Until recently, QR codes were a plain, dull black and white with no special visual appeal. Now there are multiple options for color and designs in your codes. From multiple colors, to the inclusion of logos, pictures and rounded shapes you can use your creativity to differentiate your QR code from others. You will, however, need to make sure that the code can be scanned.

Countless business owners have already generated QR codes for themselves using a plethora of free websites and tools. If you plan to incorporate design into your code, it will pay off in the long run if you engage the services of an expert. The designer will be able to create an attractive design yet maintain the functionality of the code.

Below are some aspects of the design that you might be able to modify on your own.

The Colour

QR codes are no longer limited to black and white. In fact you can incorporate any color that you wish, but it is a wise idea to use the main colors of your brand in order to maintain continuity. Keep the background in a lighter color shade and the code itself should be dark enough so that there is sufficient contrast when the code is scanned.


Add some curves to your code to relax the formal, hard lines of square boxes. Curves will make the code seem more appealing and approachable. Even more important is that curves are just as easily scanned as straight lines.

Adding Images

You can embed images in the cod without affecting functionality. Logos, photos and similar visual elements can be added as long as they don’t obscure the outer corners of the code. These corners must remain intact so that the QR code functions the way it should.

Get Help

If you’re worried about messing up your code, an experienced designer who is familiar with QR codes will be able to give you the design that you’re looking for in a code that scans easily. It takes some trial and error to arrive at the ideal combination. The result of professional input is an attractive code on your business card that is fully functional.

As popular as QR codes have become, you have to take note that not everyone has Smartphones or are tech savvy in scanning codes. This means that you’ll have to find a way to incorporate the code on your business card without leaving out the traditional elements. A solution is to use a double sided-card where you have the code on the back and traditional text on the front.

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