Too Many Devices! Which One Should You Take Out With You?

Technology has come on in leaps and bounds in terms of what it can do and how convenient, portable and trendy it all is. We’ve gone from loading games and software from tapes that make lots of noise on devices that fill up whole tables, to carrying out little objects in our pockets that can do pretty much anything under the sun silently and instantly.


While technology has come on in terms of what it can do, and how well it does it, this has of course also meant that it’s come on in terms of popularity as well and we now live in an age where very few of us have just one high tech piece of equipment. In fact if you ask the average person there’s a good chance they’re going to have a laptop, a tablet computer, a smartphone, an e-reader and an MP3 player – all of which can browse the web, navigate and play games and media.

Of course though even with these devices being as small and light as they are, it’s still impractical in many cases for us to carry all of them as we simply don’t have enough pockets – so we’re left with a dilemma every time we go out… which ones do we bring? Here we’re going to go through some examples to help you make the right choice, as well as maybe helping you to decide on which devices you need to purchase if you don’t already own some of them.

Business Trips


If you’re going on a business trip then you are going to need to be highly productive, and that’s going to be your priority over being light and free. As such then you’re going to want at least some kind of laptop/netbook combination because this will allow you to do things like edit spreadsheets and type with a real keyboard. Tablets are great devices, but without a physical keyboard they aren’t quite as productive. That said you might still want a tablet so that you can show work to clients/business partners and have something to do on the commute, while a smartphone is essential to stay in constant contact with friends and family.



If you’re going on holiday then you should make sure to take your phone so people can get in touch with you, your mp3 player of course for the light and an e-reader for reading in the sun (I recommend a glare-proof one like the Kindle). However if you’re anything like me and your hotel has wi-fi then you might also want a tablet so you can check the news and your e-mail from time to time – but leave the laptop at home.


If your off to work then you’ll be going somewhere that already has a computer, but your phone should always be with you, and an mp3 player will be great for the commute. If you hang around doing nothing on your lunch break then your choice of tablet or e-reader can help pass the time.



If you’re going to the gym then you need one thing and one thing only and that’s an mp3 player – and a small one at that. Leave your phone at home lest it get crushed in your pocket or weigh you down on the treadmill.

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