How to Enable and Configure Siri on Your New iPad

One of the most exciting features of the iOS 6 operating system is the fact that it brought Siri, Apple’s popular voice control functionality, to all owners of iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini devices. Siri was previously exclusive to the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 mobile phones. Many people don’t realize that you need to configure Siri properly before the functionality can operate at peak efficiency after an upgrade. Whether you’ve updated your iPad 3 to iOS 6 or have just purchased an iPad 4 that came with the required software already running, you can both enable and configure Siri on your new hardware in just a couple of seconds.


How to Enable and Configure Siri on Your New iPad

Step 1

Turn on your new iPad using either the “Power” button, the “Home” button or by opening the front of your “smart cover” case. All methods will display the main screen of icons on your device. Note that, depending on your settings, you may have to swipe your finger horizontally across the iPad screen to unlock it before continuing.

Step 2

Open your new iPad’s “Settings” utility. You can accomplish this by tapping a single time on the grey “Settings” icon, which is located on the first screen of icons by default.

Step 3

Locate the “General” icon on the left side of the screen. The grey “General” icon is identical to the regular “Settings” icon and can be found in the third main section of the “Settings” column, located in between the “Notifications” and “Sounds” option. The right side of the screen will fill with general options relating to the way your iPad functions.

Step 4

Tap the “Siri” option. The main portion of the “Settings” application will load with options relating to the Siri functionality on your new iPad.

Step 5

Tap the “Off” button at the top of the “Siri” screen. The button will change to read “On,” indicating that you have just enabled Siri functionality on your new iPad.

Tap the “Language” option to select your native language. Your selection will be both the language that Siri recognizes and the language that Siri uses when giving you spoken directions.

Step 6

Tap the “Voice Feedback” option if you want Siri to speak back to you after you vocalize commands. You can choose between “Hands Free Only” and “Always” based on your preferences.

Tap the “My Info” option and select your contact information from the “Contacts” application on your new iPad. With your own identification information properly entered into this screen, Siri will be able to use your name, telephone number and your home address during interactions.

When you’re finished making changes, tap the “Home” button to exit the “Siri” window and return to your main iPad screen. Tap and hold the “Home” button an additional time to begin using the Siri voice control functionality of your new iPad.

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