Facebook Guide For Beginners

Facebook is the most popular social networking website which is gaining more and more popularity each day. Facebook enables its users to use applications that make their life easy and fun.

It also helpsĀ  many people to connect with their family members, coworkers and friends. The greatest thing about Facebook is the fact that it is free!

Step 1: Your Profile Information

1. Register on Facebook.com

Go to the facebook.com and enter your name, email address and the password.

The password should include both numbers and letters. Select your gender – Male/Female and select your birthday.

Click the Signup button after you’ve entered this data. Go to the email account that you’ve entered in the previous step. Find the Registration Confirmation email. Go through the verification link to confirm that you are not a bot. Now you’ll be able to access Facebook and find all your friends online.

2. Enter Profile Information

When you are entering Facebook for the first time, you will see an Info tab after you’ve added some friends. If you happen to log out of Facebook prior to setting up your profile, simply click View > Edit Profile when you enter your Facebook account again.

1. Enter information about yourself

2. If you don’t want to show the year of your birthday, select the Show only month and year checkbox in your profile, which is located under the birthday field.

3. Next you may enter your Personal information, Contacts and Education.

4. If you don’t want to enter a specific information, simply leave the field blank.

5. Once you’re done with editing your profile click the Save Changes button to save the information.

6. If you want to upload a profile picture, click on the Upload Profile Picture.

7. To make a small bio about yourself that is going to be shown on the profile page, you should click the “Write something about yourself.”

8. If you are finished editing your profile, select the Done Editing button. This will save all the information that you’ve entered.

Step 2: Facebook Tabs and Toolbar

The Toolbar located at the top of the screen lets you navigate through Facebook.

Facebook Button

You may use the Facebook button if you wish to return to the Facebook homepage. To perform the same function you may also click on the Home button. On this page you may view the details about your Facebook friends. At the top of the screen you may find a series of tabs for easy navigation through your Facebook page. When you first create your account you start out with five default tabs:

News Feed tab allows you to view many of the actions that your friends make. This includes such actions as adding friends, posting updates or writing on friend’s walls. You may change the amount of information you would like to receive. The amount of information available will also vary depending on the privacy settings of your friends’ Facebook accounts.

Status Updates tab will display the status updates made by your Facebook friends. This excludes all the other action made by your friends which can be viewed by clicking the News Feed tab.

Photo tab displays the photo albums of your Facebook friend. The amount of photo albums which you can view will depend on your friend’s privacy settings for his albums.

Posted Items tab displays everything posted by your friends.

Live Feed tab displays all the new stories about your Facebook friends, such as updates of status, groups that they’ve joined and friends that they’ve added.

If you wish to add and modify these tabs you should:

1. Click on the arrows located on the right hand side of the tabs.

2. Select feeds that you’d like to be displayed from the drop-down list.

Hope this guide helps you to be a better Facebook user. Good luck.

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