Top Facebook Music Apps for Fans and Bands

In the years following Facebook’s social media dominance, music was the last refuge of the once proud MySpace. But now a series of extremely popular apps threaten to keep both bands and their fans glued to Facebook. Here’s a cheat sheet of the ones you need to know.

BandPage & Band Profile (formerly known as My Band)

Music AppsThese two competing apps do more or less the same thing: try to replicate the MySpace music experience, only with fewer sparkling marijuana plant animated GIFs. Bands can create profiles and share news, tour dates, music, photos, and more with fans. So which should you choose as an enterprising artist looking to promote your tunes? They’re so similar that it’s probably up to personal preference. BandPage comes from Root Music and Band Profile is a product of Reverb Nation, so if you already have experience with one or the other, that can help make your decision. Both are very popular on Facebook (running neck and neck in every list of music apps), and both work hard to stay relevant by posting contests from partners like Guitar Center. BandPage and Band Profile also acknowledge the coin of the realm by peppering their posts with funny pictures that mine musicians’ travails for laughs (and likes).


Music AppsWith over 12 million users, Spotify is the dominant subscription service for music streaming on the internet. According to recent studies, Spotify is arguably a pretty bad deal for bands, offering them literally pennies per thousands of song plays.

What it lacks in royalty checks is hopefully made up by its ability to get fans to passively promote their favorite artists on Facebook. Spotify shares what users are listening to and allows their friends to play that track instantly by clicking on the post. But if all you really want to do is influence friends and trounce them in trivia, you’ll want to read on.


Music AppsAside from the odious fashion choices, the most stereotypical mark of the music hipster is the joy he takes in knowing more about music than the unwashed masses. SongPop’s 14 million users prove that even those of us who can’t fit into skinny jeans still get a charge out of demonstrating our music knowledge online where our Facebook friends can see it. SongPop is a simple game of “name that song” music recognition, but the quizzes quickly become addicting, especially once you start sending and receiving friend challenges. Like a certain Facebook craze that took place on virtual farms, SongPop allows you to buy virtual currency with real money. Try to save enough cash to actually attend the concerts of some of those bands who sent you a reminder of their show with the next app.


Music AppsTo understand how well Bandsintown works, one only needs to look at the amount of touring musicians whose “Tour” section of their website merely links to the service on Facebook or has a list of dates automatically generated by Bandsintown.

While relying on it effectively shuts out privacy-concerned fans who don’t want to use Facebook, Bandsintown works well at making sure those who do never miss a show.

Their mobile app is nicely integrated and even scans the music files on the user’s device to help them catch those artists live, in better-than-cheap-earbud quality.

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