Find Out More About Your Friends With These Android Apps!

Are you trying to learn about your friends but don’t want to conduct a full investigation?

If YES and you’ve got an Android phone, then there are a surprisingly high number of tools at your disposal.

Here are some of the best Android apps that will help you find out more about your friends.

Social Media

Social media is obviously a good place to start when you want to learn about your friends. Often, your friends will post things they don’t realize that are public. They also post things that can help you figure out what’s happening between the lines and determine what’s really going on.
For example, is one of your friends showing a pretty frequently in post with a different person? It could be because that person your friend are now dating. Even though they not be Facebook official, something could very well be going on without them trying to make it public. Fortunately, as many Android geeks will agree, apps are a simple way to learn the truth.
Check out the following apps to follow your friend’s social media profiles and learn more about them.

  • Facebook: Facebook is definitely the first place you should go when trying to learn information about your friends. It seems like everybody has to post everything that goes on the lives in on Facebook. They also post photos of where they been recently, helping to determine whether or not your friends were really sick that night they canceled plans with you.
  • Google Plus: Though not as popular as Facebook yet, Google Plus is another great way to learn about your friends. Google Plus often location tags its posts, allowing you to keep track of your friends’ locations and see where they have been. You can also see their circles to learn who they’re following and what your friends’ interests are.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is another great place to learn about your friends’ secret plans. When your friends are thinking about getting married, for example, they’ll usually create a board to keep track of wedding plans. You can also use Pinterest to determine whether your friends are creating a surprise party for planning a trip somewhere.


While social media is great, it doesn’t teach you everything you might want to know about your friends. This is where other apps to help you research your friends come in. There are a lot of apps out there to learn things your friends may not necessarily want you to know. Here just a few to get you started and give you some ideas.

  • Zillow: This app gives you info about a residence using old real estate listings. Want to learn more about the house your friends are currently living in? If you want to know square footage, the price of house when sold, how long the house is been owned, etc., then use this app to learn that information. You don’t have to be real estate guru to take advantage of that info.
  • WhitePages Mobile: The White Pages is a great place to look for basic information like an address or home phone number. Even though many people have cell phones now and aren’t listed, perhaps their parents are, and you can get a good address from that.
  • Sex Offender Search: Have your friends ever been convicted of a sex crime? This is a very important question you need to know the answer to the answer could protect yourself or a loved one. Fortunately there are many apps to perform sex offender searches. One, simply called Sex Offender Search, scans databases nationwide and looks for potential matches. You can also find apps to look at sex offenders in your area on a map.
  • Background Check: Do your friends have a criminal record? When employers hire a new worker, they’ll often perform a background check. Thanks to the advances of smartphone technology, you can now perform background checks on your friends from the convenience of your own phone. See what your friends are hiding using an app simply called Background Check. There are other options out there as well, so look around and determine which app has the best reviews.
  • Docket in your Pocket: If you’re a Pennsylvania resident, you can use this app called docket in your pocket to keep on top of criminal records going all the way back to 2000. Searching millions of records to see if your friends have been arrested or convicted of crimes. While this app is currently Pennsylvania only, it is expanding to all 50 states very soon, to keep an eye on this app to check for updates.

Learning about your friends has never been easier, thanks to smartphone technology. If you want to start doing research on your friends and practice being a private eye, try these apps for Android today and see what secrets you can uncover. You’ll be surprised!

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