Five Useful Web Development Tools

Are you interested in web development? This industry is growing fast and the demand for professional developers is increasing day by day. If you are planning to start a web development company, chances are high that you will earn a good deal of profit. Especially if you live in an area like Cardiff your web development company will grow fast.

Web development requires some knowledge and skills. Developers use different type of tools to create and maintain a website.

Where to find these tools

Each of these tools comes as browser extension only. Whether you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome there are a plenty of such add ons which makes your job easier and quick. A simple click or a “drag and drop” is good enough to perform hours of operation.  Chrome users can visit  Chrome webstore from “Settings” and search for desirable extensions. Firefox users can simply go to “Tools” section and browse addons in need.

Let’s have a look at some of the useful tools that web developers can use.

W3C CSS Validator

w3c css validatorThis tool is developed by the organization that has created CSS language. W3C CSS Validator is the most reliable and most used validator. This web-based open source tool is available for free. It can scan your CSS source and then explain if there is any syntactic or lexical error. This tool also verifies compliance with CSS 2 standard by default.

HTML Validator

html validatorIt has been developed by the organization that has standardized HTML language. It is the most used HTML validator that you can use. It is an open source tool and it is available for free. This tool aids in scanning XHTML or HTML source as well as explain any syntactic, structural or lexical errors that it finds.

Link Checker

This error checking tool has been developed by the organization that has standardized HTTP and HTML languages. This is a web based open source tool. Link checker can scan your website and find if any broken link is there.


This is a browser-based Add on/ extension which you can easily install. It offers color picker, eye dropper and basic zoom settings. This tool is quite useful. You can use it for quickly grabbing as well as comparing the colors on a web page. The images and texts can be resized with the help of ColorZilla. However, you cannot change the background or any other stylistic aspect.


Firebug has been created by the inventor of DOM Inspector. It is an easy-to-use and powerful tool that can help you to debug scripts. Firebug has three features. It has a console which not only identifies errors but also allows you to execute arbitrary JavaScript code. It also has a debugger that can show you the errors in the JavaScript source. The third feature that Firebug has is an inspector which helps you to navigate the DOM, computed layout, associated events and element styles of a page.


These web development tools are quite useful. If you wish to stand out as a developer, you should learn how to use these tools. The web development market in Cardiff is competitive. If you want to start a web development company in Cardiff, you need to ensure that you are different from your competitors. Clients will see how effective the websites that you have created are.
Staying ahead of the competition is not difficult if you can make use of the above mentioned tools to create a unique and effective website.

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