How to Check the Update History for a Specific Application in the iTunes App Store

One new feature that has been quietly rolled out across the iTunes App Store is an “Update History” for each and every app that is available. Instead of only showing recent changes to an application that were released with the most current version, you can actually go back and track the history of an app from the current version to the time when it was originally released. Checking the update history for a specific application is a great way to find out when certain features were added, when features were removed and how long it took for a particular developer to support newly released hardware. You can check the update history for a specific app in the iTunes App Store right from the main App Store application on your device.

Update History

Step 1

Turn on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and open the “App Store” icon. The iTunes App Store will load on screen, allowing you to browse and download hundreds of thousands of available applications.

Step 2

Tap the “Search Store” box in the upper right corner of the screen. Your device’s virtual keyboard will slide up from the bottom of the screen, allowing you to enter text into the “Search Store” box. Type the name of the application you’re trying to find into the box and tap the “Search” box on the keyboard to continue.

Step 3

Locate the listing for the application you were searching for in the “Search” results on screen. Tap the name of the application one time to bring up its product page on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Step 4

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the product page. Below the category listing labeled “Top In-App Purchases” and above the listing for “License Agreement” will be a button labeled “Version History.”

Step 5

Tap the icon labeled “Version History” to view the update history for the selected application. Information about every update that has ever been released for that particular app will display on screen. The date of an update will also be listed. The updates are ordered from most recent to oldest, with the most recent update information appearing at the top of the list.

While this is an ultimately great addition to the iTunes App store there is one thing we wish they had considered adding – an option to reinstall previous versions of an App. It’s great to be able to check the history of the Apps and to be able to see when updates were added but sometimes newer versions aren’t quite as stable as we would like them to be! Hopefully this tutorial though will help many of you.

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