How to Make a Video Call on Facebook

Sometimes an emoticon just isn’t enough. With face-to-face video calling, now you can watch your friends smile, wink and LOL. That’s why Facebook introduced Video calling. It is one of the exciting features in Facebook and Facebook introduced it one year ago. But most of the Facebook users are not  familiar  with it. Facebook took technical support from Skype to add this feature. Now people can do video chat with their friends and it could be more fun to talk to your friends face to face.

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How to Set Up Video Calling On Facebook

To set up your Facebook video calling, follow the simple steps given below :

1. After login your account visit Facebook Video Calling Page.

2. Click on the Get Started button to start.

facebook video calling set up

3. After loading your chat bar you will notice a video chat icon. Click this to start video call.

facebook video calling set up

4. It will ask to install a plugin to make your video call. Click on Install.

facebook video calling set up

5. After clicking on install, FacebookVideoCallSetup.exe file will be downloaded. If you do not see any download link then click here to download it.

facebook video calling set up

6. Click Run to install it your PC.

facebook video calling set up

Now you are ready to make your first video call in Facebook. Choose any of your friends which you want to make a video call. Your friends also have to set up their video calling like you. But do not worry Facebook will require them to do that.Video call will be look like –

video call

Enjoy Video Chat 🙂

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