How to Plan Your Holiday Using Google Earth

Holidays - Flickr - Photo Sharing!Booking a holiday is a simple enough process. You look in the brochure or you go online, see which photographs seem the most attractive and which deal is going to be the best one for you financially, and then book your trip.

Where many people fall down on their holiday bookings, however, is not looking beyond the resort or hotel complex itself. There are many cases – some reported in the tabloid press – of holidaymakers turning up at hotels that looked great in the book or on the website but are actually in the middle of virtual ghost towns.

Google Earth has several uses, however it isn’t used anything like as much as it could be by people who are planning a trip. As Google Earth becomes bigger and more developed, more countries and cities are available in 3D, so that people can get a real look at the locations they wish to visit.

We explored a number of areas of your holiday that Google Earth could help you to plan.

How to Plan Your Holiday Using Google Earth

Off the Beaten Track

How often do you read about excellent places that are ‘off the beaten track,’ or hear that for a true holiday experience you need to uncover a location’s hidden gems? Use Google Earth to help you plan and look for places that really are out of the way. This can be extra useful if you are heading to a country such as Australia, where there are many remote locations owing to the sheer vastness of the country.

Does it Really Look Like That?

We must admit that there is only so much you can learn from a photograph, but at least it’ll give you an idea of whether you actually want to visit a place. Pictures featured on tourist websites can often be years out of date and not be a true reflection of somewhere at all. While Google itself is reasonably good at keeping up-to-date, the Earth Gallery features user-submitted photographs so that you can see what a landmark really looks like in the here and now.

Overnight Stays

Should you be considering a camping or a driving holiday, it is important not to get caught out with overnight stays. Many will take the view that ‘they will find a motel or a campsite sooner or later,’ but this often ends in tears in real life, as well as in dodgy teen-horror movies.

Use Google Earth as a valuable tool to help you plan your trip, from the discovery of hidden locations to your ‘must see’ sights and places of rest, it could tell you a lot more than the brochure or a tourist website!

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