How to Improve Computer Typing Speed

typingUsing a keyboard at work has become a necessity in today’s workplace that revolves around the use of technology. Being able to type well is becoming more of a given when considering jobs, and lacking the ability to type well can put you in harm’s way. Here are a few of our top tips for improving your typing speed and becoming a more effective employee.

Improve Your Position

Typing with bad seating position and posture can ruin your typing right from the start. Make sure you are using a good chair that you wouldn’t mind sitting in for hours at a time, and sit up straight in it. Make sure the keyboard is a comfortable distance from your body, and about at waist height. When typing, be sure you are only using the pads of your fingers and not your nails or finger tips. One of the most overlooked rules of typing is not letting hour wrists touch the table. It might be more relaxing to allow your wrists to take a nap throughout the day, but it restricts your range of motion, and limits the speed of which you will ultimately be able to type.

Typing Software and Exercises

The best way to get better at typing is with plenty of practice, so investing a bit of money in a typing software program. Programs can help improve the rate at which you type by throwing challenging exercises at you that help you memorize the keyboard and improve your muscle memory. To make it more challenging for yourself, take a large shoebox, cut a hole in one of the long sides, and cover your hands on the keyboard to prevent yourself from seeing what you type.

Avoid Using the Backspace

Every time you need to use the backspace, you are teaching yourself to use it for a particular word or key. Instead of fixing your error, continue typing and then go back to the error later. Figure out what it is specifically that keeps giving you problems with particular letters or words, and then focus on that issue as you keep practicing. the word or letter was that gives you problems. Although it might not make sense to do this in the short run, making a conscious effort to avoid using the backspace will ultimately benefit you later on.

Have Fun with It

Typing doesn’t need to be a chore that you have to do on a daily basis. Type what you hear, see on TV, or start up a daily diary. As you start to get better, go to online typing competitions like TypeRacer, where you can compete against others like you that are just trying to become better at typing. Most importantly, don’t stress out in the learning process. If you start to get frustrated, take a break, stay optimistic, and dive back into it when you’re ready.

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