Install Flash Live HomeScreen without flashing Your Phone

Flash Live Homescreens are Flash based homescreens for Symbian phones i.e S60v3 and S60v5. These homescreens gives your phone an enhanced and stylish look. Many Custom firmwares provide Flash live homescreens. You can use those firmwares to have Flash Live Homescreens.

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You can also Install it manually. Here I am writing on How to Install Flash live Homescreen without flashing your phone.

How to Install flash Live Home Screen without Flashing

You will need RomPatcher application to do this without any bugs. Download RomPatcher and patches.

  • Now download this file and extract it. You will find three folders here.
  • Copy private, resource and sys in flash live hs/c folder to your phone memory using File manager like Xplore.
  • Open gadget folder from extracted file. Copy gadget.swf to E:/
  • Open RomPatcher and apply “open4all” and “c2z” patch.
  • Go to Themes>>Home screen themes and apply Flash live.

Note : If you face problems applying the c2z patch you can make one for your phone. Apply open4all patch in rompatcher and then install c2z patch maker provided in the zip file.
Install it and open it. Then click generate. A c2z.rmp patch will be created in E. Copy this to E:/Patches.

You will need Dial Pad application for Default Dialer to work with Flash HomeScreens.

You can use any flash live screen if you have the Flash live homescreen file. For example : IF you have Android.swf, just rename it to gadget.swf and place it in E:/. You can download Flash live Homescreens file from here.

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