5 Best Home Security Apps for iPad

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In this digital world, every person is equipping his home with latest and precious assets. It’s quite difficult for him to stay at home all the time. Therefore, it’s advisable to create an extra layer of security for home with current home security applications.

After installing this application, home owner would be able to remotely keep an eye on every activity inside and outside his home. Though App store is flooded with a lot of security applications but there are five those can surely help you to stop break-in.

1. XFINITY Home Security ( Free)

Every customer of  XFINITY must give a try to XFINITY home security application for iPad since through it one can monitor his home security condition remotely. Arming and disarming of alarm is a simple task. Security of home is not a single advantage that you can grab from it. In addition, you can manage energy efficiently as application allows you to turn on or off lights whenever you want. In case of any emergency, you will obtain automatic alerts in the form of mobile phone messages. Get it Here

2. ADT Pulse Home Security (Free)

Getting full control of camera, lights, thermostat of home is being possible by this application. It allows users to check the security status of every area of his home. He first needs to designate some sensitive areas.  Arming and disarming of alarm is also made possible. Don’t have an alarm; contact your local locksmith now for installation. You are free to turn on light of a room through a single tapping on your iPad. This application comes with an easy to use and friendly interface from where you can maintain a full control from any where in the world. Get it Here

3. Alarm.com (Free)

I think it’s one of perfect home security applications available for iPad users. This application provides you alerts of different situations like when your garage door is left open, someone has disarmed your alarm, some changes have been made to thermostat, your medicine box or gun safe has accessed, and other emergency situations. This application will simply add a comfy cushion into your daily hard life as after getting it you know that something is there to keep an eye on all things and situations that matters most to you. Get it Here

4. Foscam Surveillance Pro ( $4.99)

Once you have installed Foscam IP cameras at home, you are free to start video surveillance with the mean of Foscam Survillence Pro. You can view your home from any remote location. You can view almost 6 cameras of home at the same time. In addition, you can listen up sound. It provides support to almost 144 cameras and I think complete monitoring of every single corner of home is possible via it. Get it Here

5. Nexia Home Intelligence ( Free)

In order to secure your home intelligently, you need to get help from Nexia Home Intelligence. After getting it, you can not only arm/ disarm home security alarm but also on/off window or door sensors. In past, locksmith made a lock that must need a key. In this recent age, Nexia comes with Schlage keypad lock that can be unlocked through mobile device. That’s mean control of main door lock is also possible with the help of Nexia home intelligence application. Get it Here

Now what are you looking for? Pick one application and install it on your device.

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