8 iPhone Apps To Help You in Your Job Hunt

job huntAnyone looking for employment today is in for a difficult and time-consuming process.  With the cost of gasoline today, people who are between jobs will sometimes need to improvise when it comes to job searches and perform as many at one time as possible to keep costs low and increase the odds of landing a job.  This is where these 8 free or low-cost iPhone apps can come in handy, when you’re already dressed and out for interviews and want to make the most of your job search dollar.  They can also be an interview life-saver by helping those who are directionally-challenged to arrive at the right place at the right time.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a free professional networking app allows users to expand their contacts across the internet and get answers to questions about specific career options, and discover inside connections that can help you get a job fast.

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2. Jobcentreplus

Jobcentreplus is a free app also works with iPod touch and it is useful for finding jobs nationwide.  This powerful search engine allows the user to search by job category and by category and location, and by keyword.  You can also use the powerful search capabilities of your iPhone to quickly find jobs in your current vicinity.  You can save preferences and other options are available to refine the job search and save valuable time.

3. CareerBuilder 

CareerBuilder is a powerful free job database has over two million listings in cities across the country and has similar search capabilities as the other apps such as searches by location and job category.  Other filters such as company and keyword are available and they also have a comprehensive web site that can synced with your iPhone for a more effective job search.

 4. Monster

Monster is  one of the oldest online job databases can be automatically synced with your iPhone.  Monster has one of the best systems for allowing online applications and has a number of filters to quickly refine your job search.

5. Infinity Resume Builder

Infinity Resume Builder is available for under a dollar on iTune apps, this iPhone app allows the user to quickly build a professionally formatted resume.  All the user has to do input their personal and professional information and the app will do the rest.  It also has a number of features that can tailor a resume to a specific job.  A valuable tool to have in a jobs arsenal.

 6. JobCompass

Job Compass iPhone app uses the locater feature of the device to hone in on your position on a map, so it is ideal for searching for jobs in your area and finding where you are going for interviews and appointments.  It is a simple way to quickly find jobs that are located near you in the entire country and it has a well designed and easy to use interface.

 7. BeamMe

BeamMe  is a handy iPhone app that allows users to send their personal or business cards to any mobile device or computer.  There is a free and professional version of this app and this app is compatible with most contact apps.

 8. 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions is a great iPhone app from the iTunes store will help users be ready for the toughest questions that will come their way in an interview and more importantly, learn the answers employers want to hear.

Using these powerful iPhone tools will give job seekers an edge in today’s competitive job market.

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