Make your business social: A whistle stop guide to Twitter, Google +, Facebook & Pinterest

Nearly everyone with Internet access participates in some form of social media. Not everyone uses the same types of social media and not everyone is a member of Facebook. Knowing the differences between Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest is important, nearly as important as knowing how each can be utilized to make your business more social.

Take a look at your target audience. The demographics will most likely help you to immediately determine where to focus your social media marketing efforts. Here are a few examples:

* Teenagers use Twitter. They most likely will have Facebook accounts, however a majority of their social networking activity takes place on twitter.

* Mothers use Pinterest and Facebook. Most participate in Facebook groups dedicated to parenting, home care or entertainment. They also use Pinterest to organize their busy lives and to get ideas for home decor, meal preparation and family activities.

*Academics use Google+. They may have a Facebook account, but it might be used only for connecting with friends and family members. They might dabble in Twitter and they might occasionally check out Pinterest.

While these are rather broad categories, you might use this as a starting point when deciding which sites you should use. So, what are these sites and how do people use them?


* Twitter is a web based social networking service where people can post 140 character mini blog entries that they use to promote their business, tell people about their day or share things they find online.
* A majority of users are teenagers, who follow other users primarily based on the recommendations of their twitter friends.
* The average twitter user follows one to five businesses at any given time.

Google +

* Google + was established to compete with Facebook. Some termed it Facebook without the games. And, then users demanded the integration of games.
* This service is more popular among men than women and a majority of users are inactive most of the time.


* Facebook is the most popular and widely used social networking service. It is available through the web, mobile applications, cell phone SMS and even some televisions.
* Most Facebook users are active at least daily, most access it much more frequently.
* Users tend to congregate in groups, depending on their interest.
* Facebook offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to talk to people, through many different types of advertising.


* Pinterest is the new arrival in the social networking world and it is very popular, particularly among thirty something moms.
* Pinterest allows users to create custom “boards” where they can share things with people who follow these boards. Some popular board topics are recipes, craft ideas, home decor, recommended products and fashion.
* Businesses are beginning to take a serious interest in Pinterest, because mothers are an excellent target audience and since Pinterest is where the moms hang out, it is a common sense place to launch a new social marketing campaign.

If you want an inexpensive and easy way to market your business, then consider going social. You know your target audience and this guide can give you some ideas about who is using which form of social networking and how they use it. You can use one, a few or all of these options for maximum exposure. Or you can investigate each a bit more and determine how your competitors are using each.

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