5 Apps To Help You Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Manage multiple social media accountsThe key to a successful social media management is maintaining as many social networking sites as possible. Indeed, the more networks you have, the more traffic streams will open up for your website’s benefits.

But the problem is, with so many accounts to open and update every now and again, the task could be too much too handle, especially if you have more important tasks to accomplish other than moving on from Facebook, Twitter, to Tumblr and so on.

Now, don’t worry. If hiring someone to handle your business’ social media aspect is not an option, read on and find out some of the most exciting apps that you can use manage different social networking sites.

What’s great is that you can use them either in your desktop or using your mobile phone, offering you a greater level of flexibility while staying in touch to the many opportunities that social media has to offer.

Apps to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts


The undisputed king of all social media apps, Hootsuite offers three different accounts. You can link up to five different social networks for free, but if you want to add your business’s Facebook page, as well as your own personal page, or you have already exceeded to more than five accounts, you will have to upgrade to the ‘Pro’ version to take advantage of other features and add more accounts.


Owned by Twitter, Tweetdeck is another popular yet free social media management app that links your Facebook to your Twitter account. So, whenever you post something on Twitter, it automatically appears in your Facebook.  Now, that’s two posts in just one hit. You can download this on your desktop or set up an account if you’re using Chrome. A mobile version is also available.


Another popular app to help you manage your bulging number of social networking sites is Seesmic. Aside from letting you schedule posts to all your social media networks, you can also download its desktop and smartphone application.


Plume is very similar to TweetDeck, plus it’s very user friendly and, indeed, an excellent alternative if you don’t feel like using TweetDeck. It lets you shorten links in just one click using the drop-down menu. It doesn’t hang up and loads in an instant plus you can personalize it to give you a more exciting experience. Auto hashtags and usernames are also available plus you can check out photos and include your location. Plume is also a Google+ look-a-like and aside from Twitter, Plume also lets you link your account to Facebook.


Blogging is another interesting factor that helps you attract more audience to your social media sites. If you want to keep your accounts stuffed with blog contents every now and again, choose Postling and you’ll find it very convenient to use in creating and posting contents. Currently available for iPhone users only, this user-friendly make it very easy for you to check and follow through your business every now and again via Yelp, Citysearch and RSS feeds. You can also share excellent reviews via your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other networks in just a press away.

So, who said you need to open and close one account after another just to keep your dozens of social networking sites updated every day? These social media apps are all designed to change and innovate the way you work with social media.

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