How to Maximize Your Internet Connection Speed

Nobody wants to deal with the hassle and frustration of a sluggish Internet connection. Luckily, there are some quick and easy ways to boost your online speed – even if you’re not a tech guru. So check out these tips for a High Speed Internet.

Start with Basic Maintenance

Internet SpeedOne of the easiest ways to speed up your Internet connection with a few mouse clicks is by doing some basic clean-up on your PC. Running a virus scan to check for things like malware, adware, spyware and Trojan horses is a great way to find out if it’s time to take your PC in for a checkup. In fact, a slow Internet connection is often the first and only sign that your computer is infected with malicious software.

In addition to running a virus scan, you’ll want to run a disk defragmentation, empty your recycling bin, and delete temporary Internet files that may be lurking on your drive. Any one of these issues could be clogging up your Internet speed.

Shop Around

If you’re still using a DSL line (or, even worse, dial-up) then it may be time to make the switch to a cable or fiber optic Internet connection. Instead of running through old-fashioned telephone lines, cable and fiber optic Internet is delivered much faster. So if you’re stuck in the past, try updating for a faster online experience and High Speed Internet Access.

Check Your Equipment

It may seem obvious, but many people overlook the physical equipment attached to their computer. Check to make sure that your PC is connected to the router, and that your modem is up to date. Another trick to drastically increasing your Internet speed is to unplug and then reconnect your router.

Keep it to Yourself

Neighbors poaching your internet or WiFi signal will significantly slow you down every time your online. Avoid this dilemma by encrypting your WiFi with a password that’s difficult to guess.

Give Your ISP a Call

It’s entirely possible that your slow internet connection isn’t your fault at all, but your Internet service provider’s instead. Give them a call, and politely let them know you’re having trouble. Most times, they can run a diagnostic test over the phone, without having to schedule a technician visit. If there’s a problem with their equipment, ISPs will often replace or repair them free of charge.

Keep in mind that if you use satellite for your Internet access, any kind of weather issues, including rain, snow, and wind, will slow down your online speed.

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