Top 10 Productivity Apps for Android

productivity appsSo you have an Android, and you also have a lot of apps for it. And why wouldn’t you knowing that there are over 350,000 apps and growing all for your taking on the Android market. There is a lot more to be doing on the work front then just toying with games on your Android.

If you’re a little confused on how to get to work and that too using your Android, here is a list of ten amazing productivity apps to help you get that much needed start.

1.Wayk 4. Now you can’t expect to be all that productive if you can’t get your day started on time. This is why we’re starting the list with this latest generation alarm clock. Once you manage to successfully kick start your day with the help of this app, the productivity is all there for you to explore.

2.Captio. So now you are up and out of bed and holding your Android in your hand. What next? Well you pull out you to do list and hope to get to work. And most of this is managed this on our email account (which does have some security/privacy risks involved) and so Captio will help you by allowing you to send direct emails to yourself within a few clicks and taps.

3.Download Manager. This is a free productivity app which allows you to save email attachments and downloaded files instantly including Word and Excel documents.

4.WinZip. This software debuted on the PC and is great for unzipping and zipping heavy files. Those who have file managers may feel they don’t need this but once a ZIP email arrives, your file manager won’t be able to open it, becoming a hindrance to your ‘get work done’ day.

5.QuickOffice Pro. So now let’s say that you have your desired Office file downloaded and ready to access. Using QuickOffice Pro, you can open, access, and edit all Office and PDF files on your Android. This way you can access even files from cloud and save them back on the cloud after editing. This app makes making presentations a synch too.

6.Dropbox. So by now the morning has ended and you have entered into the middle of the day where productivity should be at its peak. And if you are working hard like good little elves, then the next app to assist you would have to be a cloud storage app, to get all that data securely sent to the skies. So for this, it’s recommended that you start with Dropbox, a popular and free storage app.

7.SignNow. This is a useful app that basically allows users to digitally sign any document. This is done simply by utilizing the Android’s touchscreen feature and can save you from hassle from all those annoying situations where there is no printer or scanner in sight.

8.SwiftKey3. Now the Android user who needs to get a lot done is usually the one who needs to tap out a lot of info. For most users this may be a frustrating experience since predictive text features and whatnot often get words wrong and clutter up typing time. SwiftKey3 is the perfect solution as it observes and caters to your writing style and hence helps with words.

9.PocketCloud Remote Desktop. Many a times, the Android is just not enough and you need access to your home computer to get all your work done. With this app, you need to leave the said PC on and connected to the internet and afterwards can get  access to stored data remotely.

10.Pinterest. Not all social media is bad for productivy. Pinterest is a great networking site whose app on your Android means that you can save as well as share whatever ignites your interest while browsing the internet on ‘pins’ to later work with.

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