Read Amazon Kindle’s books in PC with Kindle For PC, and it’s free!

There are many ways to read book in PC for free. But you may want to read books like the kindle. It may be that some free books are only available in kindle. Then what to do! Kindle for PC is the solution.

What is Kindle?

Kindle is the e-book reader of giant online seller can keep thousands of e-book in this device.You can collect your book from online store of The cost of kindle is different from model to model. However its price starts with $79.


Kindle For PC

Kindle for PC is also a’s tools(software).This is the combination of PC and Kindle. This software works without kindle. The method of using Kindle for PC is given below:

1. First download Kindle for PC from or you can download it directly from this link.

2. After starting Kindle for PC it will ask for sign in. If you don’t have an account in Amazon, then register in
3. Now time to search books. Click ‘ Store in Kindle’ button.

4. Then download free e-books from Free Kindle Books page .To downloads books select ‘Deliver to Kindle for PC’ and click ‘ Buy in 1 click.

5. As it is tough to get free books from kindle store , you can use this site  to download free kindle books.

If you don’t have a account or you cannot register because of regional problem, still you  can use it. But you can’t download books from


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