How to Set Up a USB Internet Access Card

USB broadband Internet access cards operate similarly to the way a data plan on a cellular telephone does. The broadband USB card acts as a wireless modem. It in turn allows you to connect your computer to the Internet from nearly anywhere, so long as you’re in an area with a strong cellular connection. Setting up a USB broadband Internet access card on a laptop or even a desktop computer is actually quite easy and only requires you to follow a few distinct steps.

How to Set Up a USB Internet Access Card

Step 1

Unpack the USB wireless broadband access card from the box that it came in. Depending on the manufacturer, the USB wireless card should come in a box along with an instruction manual and an installation CD. Make sure that you have easy access to all of these tools before continuing.

Step 2   

Insert the CD that came with your USB wireless broadband access card into your computer’s optical disc drive. A CD or DVD drive will work fine. Once Windows recognizes the CD, the “Driver Installation” utility will load automatically. You’ll need to install any necessary software from the disc for the access card to work correctly. Click the “Install” button and let the disc install all necessary software and drivers onto your computer.

When the installation is finished, reboot your computer and let your Windows desktop load a second time before continuing.

Step 3

Plug the USB broadband Internet access card into an available USB port on your computer. Any available USB port will work. Keep in mind that your access card will need to remain plugged into the USB port for the duration of your Internet connection. If you unplug the card at any time, your computer will immediately lose access to the Internet.

Step 4           

Open the software for your USB broadband Internet access card that you installed in the previous step. The software is required to actually use the card to establish a connection with the Internet. A shortcut for the software should be on both your desktop and in the computer’s “Start” menu.

Step 5

Enter the necessary login information into the boxes on screen and click “Connect.” Your account information will have been specified when your broadband access card was originally configured at the store you purchased it from. The necessary information will also likely be written down in the instruction manual. Enter the appropriate information to begin immediately using the Internet from your computer.

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