3 Ways Your Smart Phone Helps with Continued Learning

Continued Learning SmartphoneSmart phones and mobile devices are quickly becoming essential tools for every aspect of life.

Whether you need to catch up on the news, look up a last minute recipe, or learn how to change a tire, smart phones offer an ease and immediacy to learning that was never before possible.

Today, smart phones can assist with continued learning in a variety of ways. Read on for the top three ways your phone can serve as an effective study aid and learning tool.

Digital textbooks 

A smart phone or tablet device can give the user direct access to any downloaded text or files uploaded onto the cloud.

Though reading entire textbooks on an electronic device might strain the eyes, it allows for study and review of material virtually anywhere.Whether you are on the bus or at the gym, you can pull out your phone and get ahead with any required reading.

Reading on a smartphone can also minimize backaches from carrying over-sized textbooks around in a backpack or shoulder bag.

Advanced note taking 

Technological advancements on our mobile devices allow us to take pictures, record voices, and share video. All of these methods can make for more interesting and memorable class notes.

If a student particularly likes one diagram the instructor draws during class, a smartphone can be used to snap a photo before it gets erased for good. Later, the student can refer to the photo to reinforce comprehension of the material and solidify his grasp of the subject matter.

Additionally, research suggests that when a variety of senses are engaged during the learning experience, material is more likely to be cemented in the brain. Not everyone is a visual learner so typical classroom notes on a whiteboard might not hammer home a point. Aural learners, for example, might benefit from the voice recording capabilities of a smart phone.

Study tools 

No longer do we need to carry around stacks of flash cards or bulky GMAT guides. Test prep apps allow smartphone users instant access to vocab, reading comprehension problems, and quiz questions directly from their mobile devices. Our phones allow us to conveniently look up questions we might have, view correct answers and quiz ourselves on the fly.

Test prep apps can also help track progress over time and show the user what areas of study needs work.

There’s no denying the wonderful functionality of today’s smartphones, but when it comes to continued learning opportunities, the options are endless.


Kate Hassel works with LeanForward, an elearning and mobile learning solutions company

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