Social Media Tips for Businesses in 2013

Your business can profit from increasing your presence on several social media websites. By composing a few short and well-targeted posts, you keep your business showing up on your fans’ pages and walls. If you don’t have the time to boost your company’s presence on even one social media site, consider giving this responsibility to an employee or a freelance writer.

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On Twitter, you have to get creative and make your messages shorter than 140 characters. Your freelancer can interview you and study your business, the, as you need to post tweets, she can write them for you. It’s up to you whether you want to give her the responsibility of posting these short messages or not.

As you think about how to boost your visibility on Twitter or any social media website, be aware of spamming rules. All social media sites do have rules regarding spamming. If you violate the Terms of Service of these sites, you risk being disciplined or having your account disabled. Read the TOS carefully and tweet updates, messages or even motivational thoughts. Just don’t spam, thinking this will increase your sales.


Facebook has a category for businesses wanting to expand their visibility for existing and new customers. Beginning in 2012, this social media website began including sponsored posts, making it easier for companies to increase their visibility. By paying for this service, your company can add new “likes” and possibly gain new customers.

Think about discussing the services or products you have available. Tie your posts in to an upcoming event, such as the Super Bowl or that big football rivalry between the biggest high schools in your community. Again, if you don’t have the time to write these posts, hire a freelance writer skilled in social media to do the work for you.

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Google Plus

Google Plus is the direct competitor to Facebook. Using many of the same tools, Google has placed an alternative for those who don’t care for Facebook. You, your employee, or your freelance writer compose different posts and place them on G+, giving you the ability to expound on a topic that affects your business, your customers, and clients.

One major difference is that G+ has a functionality that allows you to add clients, customers, family and friends to different circles, such as work, friends or family. The more people you have in your circles, the higher your visibility goes.


Pinterest is the image-pinning social media website. As the newest of the social media companies, this one relies mostly on images “pinned” by members. How does this help your company? You can’t rely as much on words. Remember, a single picture can communicate an entire message.

If, for instance, you run a bakery, pictures of those pumpkin pies, snicker doodle cookies, Christmas-shaped sugar cookies or lemon meringue pies; literally sell your products and your business.

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Social Media &The Law

Above all, it’s important for businesses to follow internet laws put in place when doing business or marketing themselves on social media. Companies can risk losing accounts or having to go to court and deal with painful litigation if anything is handles incorrectly. Customers have the right to voice their opinions of companies on social media, so it’s important to know how to respond to negative comments or feedback on social sites. Leverage the social media sites as a way to control your brand reputation and help any customers that are unhappy. Often times, an angry customer can be turned right back into a happy buyer with excellent customer support and response to issues via social media.

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