Tech Advice: Why to Register a Domain

The document that follows is intended to give you an insight on the importance of registering a domain. From a hypothetical point of view, we notice that most businesses and potential clients have embraced e-commerce in their bid to acquire services, goods and sell them in the Internet. The web has become a strategic point to do business and the most important will be an observation of why it would be necessary to adopt some practices such as domain registration.

Domain Registration Basics

What is domain registration?

domainDomain registration refers to the process of registering an I.P address, which is identified with a brand name or can be more than a name. The host provider, which undertakes registration of the domain is known as domain registrant. They assist in registering a domain name that has extensions like .com, .org, or .net.

It is important for a company to register a domain name. In the real trading world, you will notice that clients would prefer to do business with a company whose specific location can be identified, like most clients would ask where your business is located, what the address of your business is, or prefer to walk into the premises itself. There isn’t any specific location to do so on the web, but an entity trading on the internet needs a good domain name, which they can put on an equal footing with other big businesses trading online.

Domain names are portable in the sense that what they do best is they act like a signpost to your business at any time. You would wish to change hosting services then you will be able to do so with minor alteration in settings without necessarily having to do an overhaul to the signpost, which is the domain name.

One of the main intents of a business in a competitive environment is to try to get an edge over their competitors and make their business more noticeable. Domain names can improve your promotion chances and also enhance an organization’s visibility on the web. Long URL names normally are not always memorizable and turn the clients off. It is important for an entity to make a choice for their domain name that is related to the brand associated with it.

Why to Register a Domain

Business entities that register domain names, create a sense of professionalism that can be supported by the notion that well known sites have their own domain names and also that most websites that allow users to host freely, use it as an advertisement platform which in turn decreases credibility of the users of such services.

Once a business is registered and its brand of specialty is hosted on the same website, it is easy for it to get hits, such as will have more hits for users looking for books because of its generic name. Most businesses have turned out successful based on their generic domain names.

Most commercial hosting services have developed advanced security on their systems. This adds an advantage for any entity preferring commercial hosting companies. They are  guaranteed security in terms of its emails, data confidentiality, website stability, and data encryption.

From the above, we notice that any business conscious about its profile needs to register a domain that will assist it in improving its image, retaining clients, and attracting new potential clients.

Most entities haven’t been able to scale up the ladders because they haven’t adopted best practices on the Internet. Any client dealing with an entity, which doesn’t have a registered domain will have a second thought. Any business needs clients; confidence in order to grow.


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