Top 10 Must Have Apps For Symbian S60v5 Touch Phones

Android and iPhone are dominating smartphone market. Still there are a lot of Symbian Smartphone users. I myself is a Symbian Fan. There are thousands of apps available for Symbian phones. But all of them are not useful and some of them are simply crap. These can mess up your phones. So it’s essential to know which apps you will need the most. Here is a list of must have app for Symbian touch phones. There might be some unsigned applications. Learn how to install unsigned applications.

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Top 10 Must Have Apps For Symbian Touch Phones

1. Opera Mobile – Most of the Symbian phones come with a default browser. But it’s not that good. It can hog up more system memory and it’s not so fast. Opera Mobile is the solution for your internet problems. Get it from here.

Opera Mobile Symbian

2. Battery Monitor – This is a very useful software. It lets you know how long your mobile’s battery backup going to last. It’s quite detailed and comes with a high precision. Download it here.

battery monintor symbian

3. RAM Blow Pro – Best Application yo optimize your Symbian phones RAM. There are many apps which run on background even after you close. These apps obtain a lot of your RAM making your phone slow. RAMBlow Pro will kill these apps and free your RAM. Use this for a faster Symbian experience. Download it here.

symbian apps

4. PDF Reader – Adobe PDF reader alternative for Symbian phones. It’s faster and better, lets you read PDF files directly on your mobile. Allows full screen mode. Click here to Download.

symbian apps

5. Netqin Mobile Guard – Must have app for Symbian apps. It comes with features like boot acceleration, Mobile number blacklist, manage internet usage with monthly limits, a connection log, and even a real-time traffic bar. With Mobile number blacklist you can blacklist calls and messages from specific numbers. Download this app.

symbian apps

6. Nimbuzz – It lets you make free calls and sending messages. Nimbuzz is a multi-messenger to connect and chat with Facebook, Yahoo!, Gtalk, MSN friends. It provides almost everything you need to communicate for free. Download it here.

symbian apps

7. Netqin Antivirus – Protect your Symbian phone from virus, malicious links. Provides feature like overall security review, boot accelerator, application manager. Download it here.

symbian apps

8. Google Maps – Useful application for location information. Gives you directions wherever you want to go. It also provides information about stores and their locations. Download this app.

symbian apps

9. Advanced Battery Saver – Optimize your phone’s battery life. It can increase your Symbian phone’s battery backup by 20-30%. Comes with some predefined profiles. You can also use customized one. Download the app.

symbian apps

10. X- plore – One of the best file manager for Symbian smartphones with wide range of functions on phone’s file system. Some key features are View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view, Integrated text and image viewer, View file details, Edit file. Download it from here.

symbian apps

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