Top Android Accessories on our Christmas list this year

The dictionary definition of android is ‘ robot with human appearance’. The Android that we know and love is far from a robot but a well-established technology brand with a human touch. Android is one of the most hi tech revolutions we’ve seen in the past decade. From 2007 when it was first set up it has progressed and developed into a technology phenomenon.

The first Android powered phone was introduced and sold in 2008 and reaching the end of 2012 achieved 75% of the smartphone market share. Let’s not forget that Android is more than just Smartphone related – with Android TV nowadays, the world is our oyster!

So what Android accessories can we treat ourselves to this year?

MK802 III Android 4.1 Mini PC

The MK802 III is a mini PC that has been developed to its third generation now. It enables you to download as many apps as you want for the Android Mini PC and you can purchase these from Google Marketplace. This updated mini PC means that you can plug in your USB and SD cards and play videos and view photos from external devices.

You can download the Skype app and use it with a microphone and webcam plugged in. With this device you can combine your TV with Internet – and all for a low price of £55, this would make a pretty snazzy gift

a-Jays One + Earphones

a-Jays One + EarphonesThese earphones contain a hands free function compatible with Android mobile phones. If you’re a music fanatic and you’re always on the move then you need a decent pair of earphones that you can carry with you everywhere! These earphones range from around £40 – £45 – they carry great reviews and are sleek to look at, they would make the perfect addition to any Android smartphone.

The Sony Android SmartWatch

The Android SmartWatch maybe suitable for those who have already conquered Android TV and Smartphones and are looking for something else to make them, smart of course!

The Sony Smartwatch is for workaholics who simply cannot miss an important moment, meeting or call! The Smartwatch is also known as the Android watch because it is compatible to most Android phones. The watch is priced at under £100, it keeps you in the loop at all time, and of course whilst you’re hands free!

Android Application Development (For Dummies)

Android Application Development For DummiesFor the wannabe geek, the Android Application Development is a fun, friendly book.

If you know someone who is interested in the Android world and developing apps then this guide would make the perfect gift.

It can be brought from many bookshops across the UK and is priced at around £20.


Many tablets and smartphones nowadays are used as everyday office tools – so why not turn yours into a mini PC and attach a plug in keyboard. Many keyboard don’t even require a lead to plug in, therefore you can purchase a wireless keyboard. This way you don’t have to stick to a touchscreen and you can use your device as a computer. There are many adaptations of a keyboard to suit all budget ranges – you can snap one up from your local PC store and make someone very happy this Christmas!

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