Use Custom Firmware on your phone, install unsigned applications.

From past few months, certificate to sign applications is not available anywhere. After searching for a while I found out that OPDA has stopped giving certificates worldwide. But I do not know why it suddenly decided to stop. So it’s hard to say whether they will give in the future. Those who bought new Nokia Symbian phones can’t collect certificate. As a result, they cannot install pirated applications.

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How to Install unsigned Applications using Custom Firmware

At this moment, the only way is to install a custom firmware(CFW). This firmwares are modified from the original Nokia firmware. These firmwares are created by some Symbian experts. Many new features are provided with these custom firmwares. If you use CFW once, you will never use original firmwares again. And you will be glad to know that these CFWs are always hacked and you have more option to use it.

Although many people don’t dare to install CFWs. Though it’s an easy job to do but people fail in absence of sufficient efforts. Moreover, if you fail to do it correctly your mobile can be dead. I myself was a victim. I ended up with a dead phone. Though all my processes were right, due to problem in those flash files my mobile was dead. Later on, I did it perfectly using another CFW. So far, i’ve used 6 different custom firmwares. And for various experiment, I flashed my phone for almost 20 times. So I don’t hesitate now to flash Symbian phones with custom firmwares.

In fact it’s as easy as installing a theme. This may take you 15 minutes to complete the whole process. Most important thing, you must have courage. If you fail, try again ans again. But the saddest fact is these CFWs are not available for all phones. There are custom firmwares for only popular phones like – Nokia 5228, 5230, 5232, 5233, 5250, 5530 XM, 5800 XM, X6. You will find a lot of CFWs on internet. Search on google and get the best one for you. You may find some here.

How to flash phones using custom firmware(CFW)

Things you will need:

Download custom firmware file and extract flash files from it. Now copy all these files to a folder. Name the folder according to your phone’s RM. For example – RM model of Nokia 5530 is 504. So create a folder named RM-504 and copy all extracted files there.

custom firmware

Now copy this folder on this location of your PC – C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProducts. If you don’t have these folders then create new.

custom firmware

Extract the “Jaf With PKey Emulator” file you downloaded before. Install this file- “jaf setup.exe”.  After installation, go to “jaf_nok4models” folder and copy “jaf_nok4models.ini” file. Paste this in C:Program FilesODEONJAF

custom firmware

Open J.A.F.With.P-Key.Emulator folder and run “jaf pkey emulator.exe”

custom firmware

You may see an error message. Ignore that. That won’t cause any problems.

custom firmware

Now the JAF software will start. Click on BB5 tab. Now check Manual Flash, Dead USB, Normal Mode, Use INI options and uncheck CRT 308 option just like this image.

custom firmware

You will see an window like this. Select your phone according to RM model.

custom firmware

If everything goes correctly- four or three of MCU, PPM, CNT, APE Variant options will be highlighted like the following image.

custom firmware

Note the marked areas of the picture above. Check whether your flash files are recieved. Now turn of your phone and connect it with PC using USB cable. Click on flash from JAF. You will see an warning message.

custom firmware

Click on yes. Now Press the power button of your phone for 1 second. IF JAF detects your phone the flashing will start. When the process is completed your phone will be switched on automatically.

That’s it. You are now using a custom firmware. Now you can install any unsigned application without any problem. If you face any problems let me know through comments. Happy flashing!

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