Use your Pendrive or Memory Card as RAM

Pendrive or memory card’s size should be above 2GB

Before following these steps connect your pendrive or memory card with your computer.

Note : This won’t work on Windows 7

Step 1 : First go to “Properties” of “My Computer”. You will see a window like this.

Step 2 : Click on “Advanced”. Now you will see this.

Step 3 : Click on “Settings” of “Performance”. This window will be shown.

Step 4 : Click on “Advanced” beside “Visual Effects”. You will see this.

Step 5 : Click on “Change” of “Virtual memory”.

Step 6 : Now select your pendrive or memory card Drive. 

Step 7 : “No paging file” is selected by default. You should select “Customize size”.

Step 8 : In “Initial size(MB)” type your pendrive or memory card’s size (type 30MB less than the free space on that pendrive or memory card). In “Maximum size(MB)” type 15MB less.  For example : you have 2030MB free space on your pendrive. SO initial size will be 2000MB and maximum size will be 2015MB. Check the image.

Step 9 : Click on “Set” and then “OK”. Now you will see this screen.

Step 10 : Click “OK’ again. It will ask you to restart your computer.

You’re done. Now enjoy pendrive or memory card as your RAM

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