8 Windows Phone Apps to Make Your Life a Bit Easier

Here are 8 Windows Phone Apps that will make life easy for Windows Phone 8 users:


As far as note-taking is concerned, Evernote is the undisputed king. Evernote allows you to take down you notes and saves them in the cloud so that you can access them whenever and wherever you wish. Unlike many other good apps, Evernote is available on a number of different platforms, which means easier access to all your notes.


Dropbox has long been the very best online storage service. However, Microsoft’s SkyDrive has emerged as a legitimate contender to that claim. With a proper Dropbox app missing for Windows Phone 8 users, SkyDrive is definitely the best cloud storage option. The SkyDrive app allows you to view and download files from your SkyDrive account, as well as lets you upload documents, images and videos from your phone.


Why is it that there is never a flashlight around when you need one. Your Windows phone does have a powerful LED light which acts as the camera’s flash. However, you need the right app to use the LED light as a flashlight. Flashlight-X is probably the best flashlight app for Windows Phone 8. The app has simple interface and you should be able to navigate it without any trouble. Turing the flashlight on and off is very simple and the app even has a SOS in case of emergencies.


Scan is a QR code reader for Windows Phone 8 devices and also acts as a bar code scanner. Simply point the phone at the QR code and the app does the rest; no need to focus or push any buttons. Depending upon the information stored in the QR code, Scan will give you a number of options to choose from. A history of QR codes scanned can be saved on the device itself, as well as in a Scan online account.

PC Remote

Turn your Windows phone into the ultimate remote control for your computer, thanks to the PC Remote app. The app gives you basic playback and multimedia functions at your fingertips, as well as letting you surf through you media libraries. The app works with a number of different programs, including Media Player, iTunes and VLC. The app also allows you to search for YouTube videos on your phone and then plays them on the computer.


The Tasks app is a dream come true for anyone who has trouble staying organized. The app allows you to organize and monitor all your planned projects in order to ensure that you are right on schedule. The app has in-built reminders and can synchronize wit Office 365 and MS Exchange 2007+.

Picture Perfect

While there a number of photo editing software, Picture Perfect manages to put itself head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. You can edit images using a variety of tools at your disposal. The party-piece of the app is the one-tap auto-enhance feature.

Reading Lens

Come across a text that is too small to read? Reading Lens converts your phone into a magnifying glass so that you can read more clearly. Pinch and drag the screen to adjust the zoom levels and tap to focus. The app can also use the camera’s LED flashlight to ensure you have the proper amount of light when reading.

These productivity apps ensure that you get the most out of your Windows 8 smartphone.

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